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Mia Vita was founded to tell the women of the world, "you don't have to suffer anymore". True confidence comes from comfort. Not just looking great, but FEELING great! We provide empowered women elegant footwear that embodies their lifestyle and keeps them comfortable all day. Our signature comfort recipe with one-of-a-kind slimline footbed contouring and revolutionary cushion technology will keep a spring in your step from breakfast, to the boardroom, to the bar.

Mia Vita Design Team

Our Australian team has decades of footwear design experience with the biggest of footwear brands. We meticulously explore the market for trends, then set about creating unique designs that reflect the current fashion, and incorporate our unique comfort features.

We research the best of materials with our manufacturing teams to bring the designs to life. Our greatest joy is seeing the original sketch turn into beautiful shoes.
“Keep it comfortable, keep it classy, keep it Mia Vita”

Mia Vita Sketch